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Belagro Agriculture is the largest Fertilizer and Agro Chemical supplier in Belize supporting the agricultural sector with high quality fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. The Company represents the most renowned global agricultural manufacturers. As a procurement and distribution Company in goods and services we are committed to ensuring that all orders received are handled in a competent and professional manner, thus ensuring successful final delivery and best practical uses of the product.

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  • 1985
  • 1991
  • 1995
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2022

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Our People

Our warehouse manager has been working with the company for almost three decades. Our department manager is supported by a team of young and experienced professionals, trained in the field of agronomy.


Belagro is committed to delivering quality products and service to its customers using “JIT” just in time and “EOQ” economic order quantity methods. Quick turnaround ensures a fresh product with greater efficacy.


Our barges ZMT 1 and ZMT 2 were built in Big Creek by local contractors of the Mennonite community, under the supervision of international renowned designers and engineers (Panama Maritime).


Belagro has over 10,000 square foot of warehouse storage to ensure that all products are in an approved and secure environment.

We are a proud member of Big Creek Group

Big Creek Group comprises of 4 companies: Toledo Enterprises Limited (Port of Big Creek), Banana Enterprises Limited, Belagro Agriculture and BC Shipping Limited.

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501 523 2003 ext. 116
#3 Port Road, Big Creek, Belize, CA
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